Post Production

Post Production

One of the major parts of video production is post production.  Video Post Production is one of the most important processes involved in filmmaking.  Film and video editing is an art.  An editor doesn’t just stick pieces of the film together and send it off to the theatre.  There is a great deal of creativity and consideration involved, and it is during the edit where many company’s objectives, services or products are explained…  For many of our clients, it is where the magic takes place…

Our aim is to provide the best quality video editing service by combining our creative talent with a clear understanding of our clients needs to ensure you get the results you require.

In terms of technology, we use Apple’s Final Cut Pro 7, AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premier Pro/ AfterEffects, Color, Logic and Apple’s Soundtrack Pro; all of which cater for animation, motion graphics, titling, sound effects and of course High Definition video editing.

Although we prefer to take charge of a production from start to finish, we’re not precious, and we regularly edit footage which has been shot by a third party or even by our clients themselves…  Some get the whole post production treatment, and others just come for a quick polish and a loving roll in glitter.


o Off-line Editing

o On-line Editing

o Tape/ Tapeless Workflow

o Colour Grading

o Luma and Chromakey work

o Motion Graphics

o Computer Animation

o DVD/ BluRay Authoring

o Voiceover Recording

o Multi-format Delivery


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Post Production

Post Production
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